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Lumag Digital Strategy

The correct strategy will boost your business. We carry out an immersive understanding process, with which we get to know your company and understand its objectives. Then, we draw up the strategy that will achieve those goals in the best way.

Digital Strategy

Today, there are a wide variety of ways to market your brand, how do you decide which tools to use and when?

Aspects of digital marketing are becoming more and more diverse, and it is unsettling to know that there are more and more tactics available, but finite resources to achieve them.

That's where a comprehensive digital strategy fits in. We will help you discover the best way to allocate those finite resources between tactics, marking the difference between achieving a marketing objective and a commercial one.

ECommerce strategy

There are so many different paths to take when developing an ecommerce strategy that it can be overwhelming. Amazon? Walmart? Other e-tailers? Or should you create your own e-commerce platform?


Ecommerce channels and the vital decisions that surround them are often made in silos, but the reality is that you need a holistic view to determine the right ecommerce strategy. We bring multidisciplinary expertise that allows us to outsmart optimizations, not just advertising, but the e-commerce aspect of the business as a whole.

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy acts as the blueprint for how you want your brand to express itself. Guide your audience to perceive your brand in the desired way, expressing your promise and your personality.

A well-defined strategy will help you understand your audience, know where you are in the market and identify a differentiator for your company within your industry.

Market research

Before starting any project, the more you know about your clients, competitors, and the market, the fewer bumps you will have to face in the process.

Research has to do with risk mitigation. Knowing, planning, executing and improving is a general strategic workflow. If you execute based on assumptions instead of actually knowing it, you put your plan at risk, you can end up off course and make costly mistakes.

Thorough research can be the foundation of a business plan, a marketing plan, or even a website.

Business consulting

A solid business strategy leads to successful marketing, so aligning both strategies is vital.

Our business consulting provides a fresh perspective on which strategy will work best to achieve your organization's high-level goals. When you think about your own strategy, do you clearly identify the most important pillars? What is your one-year plan? And your 10-year plan? Your route to market strategy? What sales channels could you explore?

Working with one of our consultants can help you answer these questions and integrate your business strategy to create a clear path to the future.

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